Friday, 7 December 2012

Rimmel London - 'Metal Rush' Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!
I'm back blogging today after a little while off, the entire household came down with a sickness bug one by one, meaning the kids were off school and we were all left feeling pretty tired and rotten!
I failed the last few days of the Lazy 15 Challenge, missed Polish Days and the start of another challenge I was going to do in December due to being unwell, which is very annoying but couldn't be helped.
Also it was MrGT's birthday on Tuesday and it's two weeks today until mine so we have have a busy couple of weeks coming up!

Today I thought I'd just ease myself back in with some swatches of Rimmel Londons Metal Rush Collection.
There are four different shades, Royal Blue, Gold Save The Queen, Purple Reign and Pearly Queen.
Rimmel say that they use 'Unique metallic nail technology that changes tone with your moves' which I think is a rather long winded way to say 'Duo-chrome'!

60 Royal Blue.

Royal Blue is a mid blue metallic with a purple duo chrome shift. It has a slight teal in it too which is very apparent in the bottle but I didn't expect to translate to the nail, it did though making it a very beautiful colour! 
The photos show two coats with no topcoat.

80 Purple Reign.

Purple Reign is a really stunning purple with a pinky orange duo chrome and a slight blue shimmer. It's so deep, rich and glossy looking, I'm in love with it! It is by far my favourite of the four, and again this is two coats, no topcoat.

70 Gold Save The Queen.

Gold Save The Queen is a tricky one for me, the paler gold/green shift does not suit my skin tone, but the gold/copper shift does. I think for me this one will have to be worn in the summer when I have a little more colour, but the polish itself is so pretty and unlike anything else in my collection!
Once again this was two coats and no topcoat.

100 Pearly Queen.

Pearly Queen is a pinky lilac shade with a gorgeous pale green/gold duo chrome, it is a princess polish as my five year old daughter told me! This was the only one that required three coats due to being slightly on the sheerer side than the others. I think this is one I will be experimenting with layering over darker polishes, I'm hoping it might lead to some pretty combinations!

All in all I was really impressed with the Metal Rush polishes.
There is nothing more disappointing than a duo chrome that looks stunning in the bottle but the beauty doesn't translate to the nail. With these what you see is pretty much what you get and they apply so smoothly, you can see brush lines but with careful application it's no problem.

I bought mine from ASOS when they were on offer, but they can also be purchased from Boots and Superdrug online or in store for £3.99 and from what I can see online they are on 3 for 2 at the moment!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends!
I will be spending mine playing catch up with blog posts!

♥ A ♥


  1. OMG they're such gorgeous colours!

    Lola x

  2. I picked all of these today (apart from purple reign) am about to swatch them for my blog, but don't think I'll do them justice like you have. They all look really nice!

  3. I love how much colour play they have!

    New follower, found you on the #bbloger blog hop :D

  4. I love all of these colors! Especially the purple!

  5. Oooh these do look mighty purdy, you've captured the duo-chrome shift perfectly! I almost end up breaking my camera when attempting to photograph duo-chromes! ;D

    Ayhs xox

  6. I got the purple reign one for my birthday today and can't wait to give it a go



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