Monday, 15 October 2012

Barry M Jewel Glitters - Swatches and Review

I hope you are sat comfortably because this will be a long one!
I have so many new polishes I want to blog about at the moment that it's getting a bit overwhelming so I have decided to do some batch swatch posts rather than lots of individual ones, I hope you don't mind!

I'm starting off with the new Barry M Jewel Glitter Polishes because they are to die for!
First up is Yellow Topaz.

Yellow Topaz is a mix of pale gold and holographic glitters in three different sizes, micro glitter, small hexes and slightly larger hexes.
I have one coat of Yellow Topaz over two coats of Barry M Nude in the photos.
I love this polish so much, to me it is just the perfect gold tone, not too dull not too yellow.
Thanks to the holographic glitters it is beautifully sparkly and makes for a stunning and eye catching topcoat to another polish, or alternatively I think it could be easily built up for a more opaque finish, I imagine 4-ish coats would do the trick if you have the patience for it!

Next up after the jump is one coat of Rose Quartz over two coats of Barry M Cappuccino.

As you can probably guess from the name this is rose pink and holographic glitter in a clear base.
There are two sizes of glitter, hex and micro, the hexes are all rose pink but the micro is holographic.
The colour is very much a dusky rose pink which I love, it makes for a more grown up but sparkly pink glitter. I think it could be built up but would probably take more effort than Yellow Topaz as the glitter is smaller.

Next is one coat of Diamond Glitter over two coats of Barry M Grey.

Diamond Glitter is four different sizes of beautiful holographic hex glitter with a super micro fine glitter all in a clear base. Sooo sparkly!
The different sizes of glitter give it a 'night sky' feel which is simply stunning and will liven up any polish with one coat. I think it could be built up with some effort to make one heck of a glitter bomb finish! I have a feeling it would be worth it!

Next up is Pink Sapphire Glitter.
One coat over two coats of Boots 17 Sweet Kisses (How have I not got Barry M Baby Pink yet?!).

I can almost hear all the teeth grinding from the sight of bar glitter!
It's not my favourite shape glitter either, it can look a bit '5yr olds birthday party', and by that I mean hectic, crazed and messy, very messy, but I think this polish manages to just stay the right side of that.
Firstly, the glitter is less dense than the last three making it a bit more acceptable for adult social situations. And secondly, as you can tell, it is not just holographic bar glitter alone. It is accompanied by holographic and bright pink hex glitter and a micro glitter, which is also pink, in a clear base.
Don't get me wrong, I know this is a very girly glitter, I'm aware I've layered it over a pale pink then told you it's acceptable for adults to wear but really, I'm just the wrong side of 25 and would definitely wear this out my house. Sober.
Although that might say more about me than the polish.

Moving on, we have Ruby Glitter.
One coat over Barry M Grey.

Ruby Glitter is something that is somewhat unique to the high street. Black glitter!
It is a mix of red and black hex glitters in a clear base with a teeny tiny micro bar glitter in black, which close up looks like bugs to me.
I'm sure you are all thanking me for putting that image in your head. You're welcome.
That said I do like it!
I imagine it being quite popular for Halloween and would make for some very interesting jelly sandwich looks! I certainly plan to try some out.

Second to last is two coats of Gold Mine.

This is another fairly unique shade to the high street.
It is a densely packed gold hex glitter in a black base, Gold mine could not be anymore apt as a name.
This is a polish I will get a lot of wear out of, I've already mentioned before my love for black and gold colour combos and dense glitter polishes so this is right up my street. I will be wearing this a lot for nights out but what I really like about it is that it is subtle enough for daytime wear too, if of course you like darker shades. Which I do, very much so!
I can't stop thinking about how stunning this glitter would be with Barry M's Red Black or Burgundy as a base! Mmm.

Last but certainly not least is two coats of Amethyst Glitter.

Yes, two coats!
Urgh this is so gorgeous! It is a densely packed concoction of jewel toned glitters in a clear base, I spotted purple, teal, gold and a cerise pink. From what I can see when I focus so hard I get a headache, there is two different sizes of glitter, small and micro.
It is so perfect for the upcoming party season! It's definitely one to wear as a full on glitter nail but if the thought of that brings you out in a cold sweat (wimp ;-)) then I think it would look amazing layered over Barry M Teal!

All of these glitters apply easily with very little, if any, rearranging of glitter. They dry quickly and most would only need one layer of topcoat to get the perfectly smooth glitter polish finish, I'd give Amethyst Glitter two though personally!
You can purchase these absolute stunners ONLINE or in Boots and Superdrug for £2.99.

If you sat and read this monster of a post then you deserve a treat, may I suggest cake?
Also, how did you like this post? Too long? Or do you prefer to see them all in one go rather than lots of spread out posts? Let me know!

♥ A ♥


  1. I love the monster posts! Especially when they are part of a series like that, it helps for comparison purposes and for writing a shoppinglis.... errrr I mean WISH list. Yeah. Gorgeous swatches as always, and I enjoyed my cake at the end :@)

    1. Haha! I enjoy the longer posts too for making 'wish lists' :-) x

  2. I would like to have have all of these please. Oh sorry, I was placing the order in my head!

  3. They are all so gorgeous!!!:)

    1. They are! Barry M did good again! x

  4. I love all of these! Great combos, too!

  5. Loooove these! I picked up the Pink Sapphire Glitter the other day because it was pink and I'm a pushover. Next on my list is the Ruby Glitter.

  6. Love the last four! Looks like Barry M are taking inspiration from indie polish makers which for £2.99 a bottle I'm pretty happy about :) Great to see a whole collection in one post too so keep up the monster posts!

  7. I loved this gliters!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I got rose quartz today, probably going to get Ruby and diamond glitter, I don't knowwwww!

  9. I love these glitters they are so pretty x

  10. thanks for this post! I was just in superdrug eyeing up the Rose Quartz and talked myself out of it. Seeing it swatched, I think its a must have. Actually they are all so pretty :)
    I'm 36 and wore a bubblegum pink with matt glitter last week - out and about. Nail polish should be fun, worn and seen by all sober - definitely! :)



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