Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GOSH Galaxy - Swatches & Review

GOSH Galaxy is an interesting polish.
When I first saw it in the shop I thought it looked a bit 'meh'. I only picked it up because the lid had little stars printed on it and it caught my eye.
On closer inspection I realised this could actually be a really pretty Autumn colour so it came with me to the till. I got it home, put it away and promptly forgot about it until today when I was trying to think of something to do with my nails. 
I started applying it and... wow.

I just wasn't expecting that much pretty.

Describing the base colour is a bit tricky as it changes depending on the light. Sometimes it's a bronze, sometimes it's charcoal, sometimes it's a olivey green so I just don't know! I'm not even going to attempt it.
The shimmery reflects are something else and are what really make this polish special. They give subtle flashes of blue, green, gold, purple and pink making this polish appear to be ever changing and very unique. It's just so beautiful.
The application was great, I applied two coats for the above photos and although it didn't really need it I did apply a topcoat too.

You can pick this pretty up for £4.99 at Superdrug.
Well worth every penny.

♥ A ♥

P.S. The voting has been changed for the Makeup Savvy Challenge due to some cheekiness! If you have voted then you will need to vote again HERE. Please go vote for your favourite! And if your favourite is me (the Tangled nails) then thank you so very much, I really do appreciate it!


  1. This really is gorgeous! Is it limited edition? x

    1. It certainly is gorgeous and as far as I know it is one of their Special Edition polishes for A/W 2012! x

  2. gorgeous colour!:)

  3. I absolutely love this colour it looks so amazing!

    Also I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award

    1. It is a stunner, especially when he sun hits it! Thank you very much for the award! x

  4. wow this polish is amazing!! I love all the different colours in the glitter!!

  5. It's a gorgeous polish and it will be coming home with me sometime this week when I head down to superdrug :)



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