Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Born Pretty Store - Wax Rhinestone Picker Pencil

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you today.
At the same time as I received the Nail Stud Wheel I reviewed yesterday I also received two white wax pencils.

You probably have a fair idea of what these are used for but for those of you who don't, no I have not lost my mind, and yes this is nail art related.

They are used for picking up rhinestones/studs/glequins/etc and placing them on the nail.
I used to use an orange stick dipped in clear nail polish to pick these fiddly things up and while that did work fine, I much prefer using the wax pencil.

These make short, mess free work of picking up and individually placing glequins etc, so if the thought of spending several frustrating hours faffing around with rhinestones puts you off experimenting with them then I highly recommend trying these out. They'll last you a while and are a great basic to have in your nail art arsenal.
You get two for $1.99 HERE with free worldwide shipping. you can also use the code QPL91 for 10% off anytime.

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  1. I use tweezers right now (which is crazy frustrating) but this looks SO much easier!

    1. It is so much easier, I can't imagine how frustrating tweezers must be!? Lol x

  2. Oh that's a great idea!! I always use a cocktail stick but have to dip it in top coat first! x



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