Monday, 9 July 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 10 - Gradient Nails

I have only done gradient nails once before. Seen here.
I did them by painting the base colour then sponging the tip colour on in layers.
It took me a whole Saturday afternoon, while the kids were out and MrGT was being entertained by his Xbox.
These afternoons are hard to come by in my house so when I saw day 10 was gradient nails I did consider doing a nice easy glitter gradient, but this is a challenge, and a glitter gradient is no longer a challenge for me.
Knowing it was going to take an age to do I had been putting it off and putting it off. 
Until I got my China Glaze Summer Neons Collection 2012 order through.
They were just asking to be a gradient nail.

(Please 'scuse the shoddy clean up attempt! I had the smallest dribble of acetone left!)

For this I applied two coats of white polish (Boots 17 Mini Skirt) then applied with a kitchen sponge I used CG Sun Kissed (yellow) Orange You Hot? (obviously orange) and Beach Cruise-R (purple) then topped it off with Seche Vite.
I actually painted the colours straight onto the sponge to get this affect, it was a bit messy but the gradient is much better than my first attempt and took a few minutes rather than hours!
If you would like me to have a go at a tutorial for the method I used let me know in the comments and I'll give that a go for you as I'm desperate to try the rest of the CG polishes I bought in a gradient and maybe even try a pastel gradient.

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  1. This is amazingly pretty! I love it :D Never would have thought these colours would go well together but they look super :) I'd love to see the method you use, as so many people do it so differently :D xxx

  2. Thank you! I did have one of those moments when putting sponge to nail where I thought this is either going to look great or go horribly wrong! I'm going to try put together a tutorial to explain what I did a bit better, hopefully this one wasn't a fluke and it works as well a second time! xxx

  3. wow I love these, just so pretty for summer!x

  4. This is beautiful and perfect for summer! I'm going to be really awkward and cheeky and ask if you could have a go at a tutorial?

    Thanks alot :)

    Alexandra x

    1. Thank you, not awkward or cheeky at all, I'll be giving a tutorial a go this week :)

  5. Very pretty!!! I am now following, as I really liked your swatches and experiments!Found you on the MOnday Beauties Blog hop! x

  6. wow, I love it!! I need to try that. Looks so fresh and original! :)

  7. I love this look!! You did a awesome job, and make it sound so easy. Did u put together the tutorial?



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