Saturday, 14 July 2012

Barry M - Magenta Glitter

Barry M Magenta Glitter is a Superdrug exclusive.
It is similar to Aqua Glitter in that it has two sizes of glitter. However, unlike Aqua Glitter the larger glitter doesn't stand out quite as much after more than one coat.
That's not necessarily a negative point, merely an observation worth making.
I still think it is a stunner. 

Again, like Aqua Glitter, one coat will make a very pretty topcoat to jazz up a more ordinary polish.

I stopped at three coats even though it wasn't fully opaque, a forth would have done it but I was afraid of losing sight of those hex glitters altogether.

  Application was nice and easy, it went on evenly so no having to faff around arranging the glitter. Always a plus point, I think you'll agree! And I adore the colour, I'd say it's a more dark magenta, but magenta none the less. It will look gorgeous layered over a nice turquoise or teal to contrast against. I already have some combinations I want to try out with this one so you can expect to see it popping up again on here in the near future! 

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  1. This is SUPER pretty on your nails! I love it :D I thought the same about the larger hex glitter getting lost in this one, not so 3D as Aqua Glitter but that's okay :) xxx

    1. Thanks, I kinda wish it had the 3D texture Aqua Glitter has because it's just so eye catching, but the gorgeous colour of this one more than makes up for it I think xxx

  2. That's a gorgeous color! I found your blog through the BBU Blog glad I checked it out!

    1. It is lovely isn't it! Thank you for following! x

  3. This is lovely! I have BM blue glitter polish and I love that too! :)

    I found you on the BBU Blog hop!


    1. The blue glitter is lovely, it's one of my favourite glitters x



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