Monday, 2 July 2012

Milani - Jewel FX Gems

I'm back!
I shan't bore you to death with the details but due to a series of unfortunately stupid people, I lost not only my TV services but my internet too.
Some people suck at their jobs.

Anyway, thank you for sticking around while I was gone and thank you to any new followers who have arrived during my absence too!

I'm just going to pick up where I left off and show you Milani Jewel FX Gems.

Gems has two sizes of red, silver, gold, blue, green and purple hexagonal glitter.
I think due to the different sizes of glitter the coverage was a bit better, I was happy to stop at two coats and I didn't have to work as hard to make it even.

I wanted to like this one more than the Silver and Gold because application was so much easier but I just don't love the finished result as much as the other two!
It's still pretty gorgeous though.

♥ A ♥


  1. You're back! :D Yay! I love this, I like that the colours are all equally prominent. I have OPI Rainbow Connection which seems predominantly silver from a distance. Gems looks so good at 2 coats! :D xxx

    1. I'm sooo glad to be back! xxx

    2. I'm glad you are back! I have nail envy xxx



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