Friday, 6 July 2012

Barry M - Cappuccino

I've just got back from the doctors after having quite a nasty run in involving my right thumb and a taxi door last night.
I went for a meal round a friends house, jumped in a taxi home with my best friend but when I got out I managed to shut my thumb in the door. I quickly opened the door to free said thumb and walked over to my house only to look down and discover my thumb was bleeding quite heavily!
When I got inside I grabbed a towel to wrap round it, still laughing a joking with my friend about how I'm always telling my children to mind their fingers getting in and out the car and how I should follow my own advice. Then I think the shock wore off and I started to realise how much it was hurting. My friend had a look at it for me and suggested I didn't look until the bleeding stopped and she had cleaned it up a bit for me, then went off to the kitchen with MrGT to gather what was needed to clean it up a bit. I had to go lay down as I'd suddenly started to feel dizzy and sick from the pain, I really thought I was going to faint!
It was agony I tell you! And I've given birth to two babies over 8lb with just the aid of gas and air, my pain threshold is pretty high!
Anyway, It's looking pretty gruesome, I've split my nail across the bottom right over the Matrix and I have some nasty looking cuts around the nail fold. I've managed to get away with no bruising though and the doctor has given me antibiotics and said that I should be able to leave it to grow out rather than having the nail pulled off under anesthetic (was nearly sick again at the thought) which is a relief to say the least!

Now I'm just pissed off that I have seven of the China Glaze Neons and the new Barry M Glitters that I'm yet to try and I can't paint my nails!

Right, now I'm done grossing you all out I'll get on to what you are actually here for, nail polish!
Today I have Barry M Cappuccino.

Cappuccino is a purple taupe créme.
The photos show two coats with no top coat.
Look how beautifully glossy it is!
I found Cappuccino to be a little thin in consistency but it still applied easily and evenly.
It's the sort of shade I'd wear if I hadn't decided on an outfit yet because it would look good with almost anything.
I just love these sort of shades, they are so classy and flattering.

♥ A ♥


  1. that sounds really painful,,, hope youd be back soon on paintin nails,,,,,

    1. It was very painful! Luckily it wasn't my left hand which is the one I photograph for blog posts, so as soon as I can hold a brush steadily again I'll be painting my nails! X

  2. Such a beaaauuuutiful polish, I'm not really into my neutrals but this one I LOVE! I bought it a few weeks ago and still have not worn it, I must be crazy. Hope your thumb is better soon! xxx



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