Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barry M - Nude with a twist!

Before my absence I started to show some of the new Barry M shades that have been released over the last few months.
At the time they had only released Silvery Lilac, Teal, Black Multi Glitter, Denim and Copper, of which I only got as far as showing Silvery Lilac and Teal.
The busy little Barry M bees have now released loads more that I have slowly been hunting down and buying.

Today I wanted to show you Nude.
But Nude on it's own, although a lovely nude, was a bit boring.
So I added some glitter.
Then put another coat of Nude over that!

Nude is just what it says it is, nude!
It is such a perfect my nails but better shade.
It is sheer, I am wearing two coats of Nude followed by one coat of the Silver Glitter polish then another coat of Nude in the photos and you can still see the nail line, but I personally like a sheer nude as it looks more natural.
The application was great as you would expect from Barry M.
The silver glitter I used came from a Studio gift set I got at Christmas.
It's just three different sizes of silver glitter in a clear base and I just used one coat.

I love this look so much!
It's pretty and understated but still catches the eye.
I think it's just right for office to evening.

♥ A ♥


  1. I love this! I've just been wondering what to do with my nails, and they have to be neutral for my job, so I think I'll be doing this! Thanks for sharing :)

    Tara x


  2. Super pretty! What I love about Nude is that you can do a glitter sandwich with pretty much any colour with it - choose a base colour, add glitter, add 1 coat of Nude and you have a gorgeous (if slightly muted) jelly sandwich :) I love this idea, never thought of doing it with Nude alone but this combination is soo pretty! xx

    1. Thanks, I've seen it done with the multi coloured glitters like Jewel FX Gems and it turns the glitter pastel, looks gorgeous xx



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