Monday, 12 November 2012

Lazy 15 Nail Challenge - Day 5 Galaxy Nails

Today is Day 5 of the Lazy 15 Nail Challenge and the challenge is Galaxy Nails!
I warn you now this is slightly picture heavy.
I love love love galaxy nails! They are fun, they are easy and they look amazing.
What's not to love?

I decided to do these galaxy nails a little different to the last ones I did (HERE).
Last time I tried to actually mimic galaxy shapes from images I had found on Google.
This time I wanted to do something a little bit less structured if that makes any sense?
This is where Google Images came in handy once again, I found three images that I liked (which I will include at the end of the post) and went about searching my nail polish collection.

I started pulling out some colours that I thought might work well then I remembered this post over on Truly Madly Beauty where the lovely Aysh layered Models Own Hayley's Comet over a black nail polish and it gave me an idea!

More after the jump...

I picked out Models Own Hayley's Comet, Indian Ocean and Illamasqua Prism.
I painted my nails with two coats of Barry M Black, tore small chunks off of a trusty kitchen sponge and randomly sponged on some Barry M Matt White. Then sponged the three duo chrome/iridescent polishes over the top of that.
Illamasqua Prism turned into a beautiful violetty blue shade, Hayley's Comet is the touches of copper you can see on the white and the green shimmer you can see over the black and Indian Ocean is the stunning pinky orange shimmer.

Then I just went back in with Barry M Matt White to make the stars to finish.

It is exactly the look I was hoping for that I'd never have been able to achieve with normal polish, the Illamasqua and Models Own polishes I used worked perfectly to give then glowy effect I was after.

You can probably already tell, but I am in love with these nails and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off them!

As I said, here are the pictures I was inspired by.


Lastly I'd just like to say a big thank you!
This post is my 100th post and yesterday I reached 300 GFC followers! It absolutely made my day, so thank you to all of you for reading, commenting and following!

♥ A ♥


  1. i think these are the best galaxy nails i have ever seen. soooo cool. i always want to try it but i am so impatient!!! x

    1. Thank you! I love doing galaxy nails x

  2. Amazing galaxy nails. You did a great job

  3. Mmmmm I love me some good galaxy nails. These are really beautiful and complex. The colours are great!

  4. These are gorgeous. I wouldn't be able to stop looking at my nails either.
    And congratulations on 100 posts and 300 followers.

  5. they are so amazing and congrats!:)

  6. I love galaxy nails! Yours are great :)

  7. These turned out great!!! And your pics are sooo clear!! I need a new camera! Jealous!!!

    1. Thank you! My camera is only a Sony Cybershot Digital camera, nothing fancy and not too expensive either! It's the W320 to be precise x

  8. These are great! Really like the stars you've done :)

  9. Uh-Maze-Ing!!! I love them! Gorgeous x



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