Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lazy 15 Nail Challenge - Day 7 Feminine

You might notice this is late.
The reason being I struggled a lot with this one!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but didn't have what I needed to do it, so I tried to do something else, then something else again until I realised I'd been trying for a good couple of hours and all I had done is cover myself in glitter, spill a cup of water over myself and get stressed out.
So, I decided rather than get myself worked up and post something I wasn't proud of, I'd wait until I could get what I needed and try again.
Better late than never!

So here is my interpretation of Feminine Nails!

I got my inspiration from the inside lid of a storage box my Mum uses at home for her beads.
I took a photo of it on my phone and used it to work from as you can see below.

First of all I painted two coats of Barry M Matt White. Then I used the newspaper method where you cut squares of newspaper large enough to cover your nails, and use an alcohol (Vodka to be precise!) soaked cotton pad to hold the newspaper to your nail for about 10 seconds, being careful to hold it still, then remove.
I then applied Famous By Sue Moxley Nude mixed with some Models Own Topcoat roughly over the top to give it a slightly vintage/distressed look.
After a a layer of topcoat to protect the newspaper print effect I used Barry M Bright Red, Yellow, and Block Orange watered down with acetone to create the watercolour flowers, I added a bit of Barry M Black and Matt White to the center of the Poppies, then did the leaves with Barry M Lime Green and Spring Green.
Finally I applied some butterfly Water Decals that I got from Viva La Nails and finished it all off with a layer of Seche Vite.

A fairly lengthy process using a variety of techniques I admit, but it was well worth it for the end result.

I hope you can forgive my lateness in posting!
I will do my utmost to post on time tomorrow, for which the challenge is Dessert Nails, that should be fun!

♥ A ♥


  1. Those are very nice! Great post!:)

  2. These are so, so gorgeous!! Well worth waiting for. Love the inspiration photo, and they came out absolutely beautifully. I am all kinds of smitten and jealous. ;)

  3. So so so pretty I love the combination of all the different nail arts, very very lovely!

    Jazz x

  4. Gorgeously feminine! I love it! All the details fall in place.

  5. Wow, these are absolutely amazing :o Definitely forgiven for posting them late lol.

  6. Oh wow! That is so pretty! great idea to create a picture on top of the newspaper print! keep it up!

  7. Very pretty. I just think that the newspapers print is unnecessary, but since you had that particular box in mind it makes sense.

    1. Thank you, it does have a lot going on in it which isn't to everyones taste I admit :) x

  8. I'm in love! I think this is perfect :)

  9. OMG - That's what I'm talking about, so so love em' I've pinned you on 2 of my boards!

  10. Wow Alexis...ummm...please come do my nails for me pretty please??? ;)

    Aysh xox

  11. Thats such a good idea!! Newspaper and flowers, they look really pretty :)



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