Friday, 27 April 2012

Barry M - Silvery Lilac

I have had the worst week! I don't like to wish my life away but I honestly cannot wait for it to be over and done with!
I have a bit of a backlog with blog posts where I haven't been able to blog and I wasn't prepared for this week at all so I am going to try get back up to date within the next couple of days! (Lesson learnt, always have a few back up posts ready to go!)

Today I wanted to show you the gorgeous Silvery Lilac from Barry M.
It's one of their sneaky newly released polishes which is now available on the website here.

I have seen this polish described in so many different ways and I can completely understand why!
Every time I look at it I think I see another colour then it's gone! So I'm just going to describe what I definitely see if that makes any sense at all.

Silvery Lilac is a mid silver grey base with fine silver glitter. In different light the colour shifts from silver to lilac, to green as you can hopefully see in the pictures.
Every now and then I kept thinking I was seeing flashes of a bronzey gold and teal, but that could have just been magic. 
Or my imagination. 
Who knows!

The application, as always I find with Barry M, was great.
My photos show two coats with no topcoat, some might want a third coat but I was happy at two.
I could honestly stare at this nail polish all day it is that pretty.
Barry M done good again.

A x


  1. Ooh your photos are amazing! I luurve this one, so so so pretty. I hope your week gets better! :( xx



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