Saturday, 21 April 2012

Models Own HedKandi Collection - Disco Heaven

Last but not least, from the Models Own HedKandi Collection, I bring you Disco Heaven,
'a glittery, gold disco bomb'.
This was the polish I was least excited about, but I don't like to leave a collection incomplete so I picked it up anyway.

And I'm so glad I did!
Disco Heaven consists of fine gold square glitter with slightly larger hexagonal glitter which is iridescent. It flashes blue, green and even lavender, making for a super sparkly glitter polish!
Like Ibiza Mix, this applies evenly making one coat a nice sparkly topcoat to add something special, or it can be built up to a fuller coverage.

Look at the pretty colours!

What my photos don't show, thanks to the dull rainy days, is how sparkly this polish is!
A glittery, gold disco bomb indeed!

A x


  1. Oh wow, this makes me wonder if my bottle was a dud, the iridescent glitter was barely visible for me! It looks gorgeous on you xx

  2. Thanks! Maybe yours was a dud then I found mine to be quite sparkly, or maybe I just got one with extra sparkles?! Xx



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