Thursday, 19 April 2012

Models Own HedKandi Collection - Beach Party

As soon as I saw the Models Own HedKandi polishes in Boots I had to have them.
Glitter? Neon brights?? Get in my basket, you're coming home with me.

First up I'd like to show you Beach Party.
'A sunny, bright, intoxicating polish inspired by the world famous sunsets on the White Isle'

It is indeed a very bright and sunny orange with yellow undertones.
I found application a bit tricky. It was patchy and I experienced dragging around the cuticle on the second coat meaning I had to apply a third coat. How I loathe to apply a third coat!
It dries to a satin finish so if you are offended by anything less than a glossy finish a top coat would be a must for you.

I was however, completely in awe of the colour on.

Due to the wonderfully dull and rainy weather yesterday my camera was simply unable to capture just how bright this polish is, so you'll have to take my word for it until I can get some sunshine pics!
Think highlighter pen bright.
I love it!

A x


  1. I need some of this in my life! I love the orange is gorgeous!!!

  2. It is isn't it!? It's so so bright too, love it! x

  3. Woweee, I bought this after loving Hedonist to pieces... The only one I don't have of the 5 is Ibiza Mix. I'm loving the neon-ness of the cremes! Incredibly bright, couldn't be better! Love these photos xxx

    1. Thank you! I was surprised how much I liked this one! Ibiza Mix and Hedonist are my favorites from this collection though xxx

    2. Me too, originally from the bottle shots I did think it was a bit insipid but then I saw it in Boots and felt the impulse to buy it as soon as possible, lol! I think Hedonist and Balearic Cool are my faves (only because my Ibiza Mix is pretty much just a gold glitter now lol) xx



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