Monday, 9 April 2012

Models Own - Indian Ocean

Hey, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is stuffed full of chocolate!
I am not stuffed full of chocolate because I don't like it, but I have had a fab weekend with friends and family despite catching myself a nasty cold.
Just call me sneezy.

I did say I would do a post on my Autism Awareness Day nails as I have quite a few pics of them and I used the gorgeous Indian Ocean by Models Own over Barry M's Blue Moon.
So without further ado...

Crazy beautiful non?
I just love this nail polish. So much so that it's still on my nails now even though it's chipped!
From what I've read there are a fair few people who were slightly disappointed at how sheer this polish is. I admit I was too at first. But this is two coats of Barry M's Blue Moon (also very sheer but lovely none the less) and one coat of Indian Ocean, and it's almost exactly how I expect Indian Ocean would look if the colour in the bottle came out that way onto the nail, if that makes any sense?! (Lemsip addled brain).

I have honestly struggled to take my eyes off my nails whilst wearing Indian Ocean.
It's quite aptly named too I feel, it's gorgeous pale turquoise blue packed with pinky gold shimmer is just like sunset on a perfect blue ocean!
I can't wait to try out some different colour combinations with this one!

A x

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