Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Barry M Collection

Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite high street nail polish brand is Barry M.
I love them.
It has been my mission for a while to collect every colour Barry M does that I can get my glittered tips on! I actually have a Google Document that has a list of all the Barry M shades I know of that I haven't got yet, which I have been striking through as I've bought them. I have been scouring Ebay for the ones I can't get in my local Boots/Superdrug and one day I will find the discontinued Once Upon A Time. And it will be mine. And my life will be complete. But not my nail polish collection.

I thought It might be interesting to do a post on the Barry M polishes I have collected so far.
It's probably not that interesting, but I'm going to show you anyway so humor me.

Oh yes.
This was much harder to arrange than it looks.
It looks good so almost worth it.
But no, never again.

Let me introduce you properly.
The Effects & Limted Editions.

Left to Right: Croc Effects (323), Black Crackle (311), Pink Crackle (314), Gold Crackle (321), White Crackle (316), Gold Foil (320), Silver Foil (319), Lilac Foil, Purple Boots Limited Edition, Buzz Offer, Silver Glitter.

The Glitters.

Hologram Hexogram (244), Pink Iridescent (264), Red Glitter (150), Blue Glitter (297), Silver Sea (217)

The Shimmers.

Racing Green (299), Vivid Purple (161), Navy (292), Dusky Mauve (313), Blue Moon (317), Tangerine (136)

The Rest.

Shocking Pink (272), Indigo (312), Spring Green (290), Peach Melba (318), Pure Turquoise (295), Lemon Ice Cream (307), Pink Flamingo (305), Bright Purple (303), Bright Red (262) 

Red Black (115), Black (47), Mushroom (310), Raspberry (273).

So there you have it, my collection as of now.
Is there a particular brand that you collect?

* Edited to say that since writing this I purchased two of the new Barry M shades in Silvery Lilac and Teal from my local Superdrug but I shall do a separate post on these two soon! *

A x


  1. Ooh I'm exactly the same!! I've been collecting Barry M since I started, I think I'm missing about 15 of their polishes until I have the full lot! Love these kinds of posts, I'm a total Barry M addict and I love seeing which ones other people have! xx

  2. :o :o :o just spotted Silver Sea in your collection - is it good? I've always bypassed it on eBay but seeing your bottle pic I'm now very tempted! Also Barry M have discontinued the polish 'Silver Cascade', sadly :( a lot of people think it's a dupe of OPI's Mad as a Hatter. I have yet to get my paws on it! Also I too make lists of the ones I have yet to get!! xxx

  3. Silver Sea is lovely, it's a turquoise/aqua blue shimmer base with silver glitter in it def worth having! I have just bought Silver Cascade on Ebay as I heard about it being discontinued :( xxx

  4. Ooh I'm very tempted! I've never seen Silver Cascade, it sounds really pretty though. I always feel a bit gutted when polishes are discontinued! :( xx

  5. I too have a penchant for Barry M. Not got many of them at the moment though, seeing I've only just started taking an interest in my Nails and Nail Art.

  6. hey, great post!! I have strated collecting barry m's as well and have nearly 40 bottles (although I dont intend to buy all the crackles because I know they wont get much use)... Would you ming uploading that spreadsheet with all the colours, i am curious to see what the total number is :)

    ps. Once upon a time looks gorgeous from the pics i have seen online, hope you find it soon


  7. Hi this is a bit of a random question but what is the barcode for blue glitter (297). Xx

  8. This is a bit of a random question but what is the barcode for blue glitter (297)



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